The secret of AIR

AIR is a total rethink of how to bring 3D sound to your music, films and tv. Most modern tv’s are as thin as a sheet of glass. The built-in sound of tv’s does not at all match the high definition of the picture quality. AIR is the answer if you choose a sound centre that is wall-mounted under the tv screen.

What you get from AIR is perfectly balanced 3D stereo sound. The “wings” of AIR appear ultra thin just like your tv and here the high tone speakers are positioned. The wings seem to float in the air, a few centimetres from the wall.

In the centre is a sub-woofer that is exceptional for any wall-mounted sound centre. Films, music and tv are all enhanced by deep bass tones and here you get the depth you are seeking.


From any angle, it is easy to understand the natural qualities of AIR. The high light tones, like the delicacy of violins, come from the speakers at the ends of the wings. They are about one metre apart and give you the immediacy of the 3D stereo sound. From above the AIR sound centre seems unbelievably light.


AIR is remarkable because it gives you the whole sound system in one single product.

No wires and power to sub-woofers. No bulky fat box screwed on the wall. You get a total sound centre for your entire home. Through Bluetooth you can listen to your music and playlists from your mobile or tablet. The connector panel is at the back so all the  plugs are concealed. 


AIR SE is a special edition of the popular AIR sound centre. The difference is that the AIR SE is equipped with a high performance solid bronze reflex port. This special feature is designed with extreme care to use the excellent acoustic of pure bronze to give that final touch fine tone. Like all other AIR editions, the SE can also be used with the acoustically brilliant table stand. This allows you to place the AIR in any location you wish. As you can see in the photos, the AIR SE is available in high gloss Concert Black together with Hawkings Matt Black

AIR TABLE STAND – for improved sonic performance – and flexibility

The Table Stand for the AIR series was designed in response to demand from you, the customer. Although AIR was created as a wall-mounted sound centre, the design was so unique that many people wanted a greater flexibility. The Table Stand allows you to place the AIR anywhere in your home – and to move it easily whenever you wish.






The secret of AIR’s excellent sound, when it is mounted on the wall beneath your tv, is that the back-firing subwoofer plays against the wall. We use the wall to spread the sound in a 3D effect.

In making the AIR more flexible with regard to position, it was also necessary to bring the wall along as well! However in doing so we improved the sound even more.

The really elegant design of the AIR Table Stand is that the shape has been given the best possible form to reflect and spread the bass sound waves from the subwoofer.

In addition the AIR Table Stand is built in solid wood MDF which is a great sonic material.

And the finish is Hawkings Matt Black like the acoustic chamber of your AIR.


Wing: W 100 cm x D 4 cm x H 8 cm
Acoustic Chamber: W 22 cm x D 8 cm x H 22 cm
Total Space:
W 100 cm x D 16 cm (including the wall bracket) x H 23 cm
BLUETOOTH, HDMI,  Digital Optical, Analog RCA
Amplifier: 3 channels at 80 WATTS
Weight: 4,8 kg
Power Adaptor: 110 v – 240 v 50/60 Hz
Accessories: STEENSSEN Remote Control x 1
Instructional Manual, HDMI cable, Wall Mount