Meet TT

TT Grand is two absurdly simple ideas together. Firstly, TT gives you trully great sound from your tv and your smart phones and your tablet and mp3 players and games consol in one single product. 

Secondly, you can’t fool nature. Sound is moving air and if you want to create amazingly good sound, you need to move the right amount of air. TT does exactly that to a superb degree. You can hear the high pitched scratch of finger nails on the strings of a guitar. You can hear the deepest roar of thunder so that your lungs vibrate. Yet under a tv – it is almost invisible. 


In TT you have a number of speakers each concentrating on giving you accuracy no matter what the tone. In the bottom there is a large bass subwoofer. With some unique detailing this plays through two very long transmission channels to an unusual feature – double reflex ports. The whole unit is mounted on strong stainless steel legs that sit on delicate rubber O-rings. Your tv can sit on top.


To be honest, we find inspiration for TT in the nature and architecture around us.  TT has been designed from the start to blend into you home no matter whether that is in Asia, the Americas, Africa or Europe. We find that the elegant geometry of Danish Design has a global quality that is appreciated throughout the world. 


In Denmark we say that good design is when you cannot take more away. This no-nonsense thinking lets us keep the features you need – and get rid of the other features that are just a waste. Instead you get higher quality. Simple.

The visual design is understated – the sound in trully amazing!


The SPECIAL EDITION of TT GRAND has a very different appearance from the standard version. All the forward firing speakers are exposed for even purer sound and include detailed technological improvements. The display panel on TT GRAND SE is redesigned to match the open style and has a different type of user interface. The SPECIAL EDITION of TT GRAND includes large hyper performance solid bronze reflex ports finely milled to give you awesome performance.

The reflex ports in the TT GRAND SE look like musical instruments and indeed they are. The specially designed parabolic shape adds the extra tone of perfection to the sound. The microscopic lines from the milling process are like the skin of the shark – giving extra aerodynamic flow to the sound waves. And bronze itself is the material that has been used to make bells because of its excellence in tone. 


Dimensions: W 110 cm x D 31,5 cm x H 14,5 cm
Connectivity: BLUETOOTH, HDMI,  Digital Optical,
Analog RCA
Amplifier: 3 channels at 80 WATTS
Weight: 14,5 kg
Power Adaptor: 110 v – 240 v 50/60 Hz
Accessories: STEENSSEN Remote Control x 1
Instructional Manual, HDMI cable